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Have a seat, and let’s see where you stand.

To build an investment strategy around your expectations, we have to understand your unique situation: your goals, risk profile, timeline and tax implications. To do that, we’ll sit down and look at things from a number of angles.

Financial Planning

Your entire financial picture should inform and inspire your individual investment strategy. We bring it into focus.

Better decisions made easier.

Your investment strategy can’t be designed in a vacuum. That’s why we guide each client through a comprehensive financial analysis and offer a detailed financial plan. What we discover together not only drives asset allocation, but also informs decisions about every facet of your financial life—from college and retirement savings to charitable giving, estate planning and beyond. Together, we’ll simplify the complex—and clear a path to results.

Phase 1: Discovery and Consultation

The more we know, the more we can help. From legal documents to asset statements— including assets outside of our supervision—we’ll present a detailed picture of your financial situation.

Phase 2: Assessment and Development

Information leads to insight—and to action. With a clear overview of your financial position—and an intimate understanding of your goals and objectives—we can chart a course for an informed investment strategy.



Investment Management

Everything we do is designed to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio. It requires a level of dedication—and even a philosophy—you simply won’t find in a conventional money management firm.

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Confidence is never risky

In the world of institutionalized money management, much attention has been paid to the idea of managing risk. Investors have been conditioned to believe that mutual funds and other products can mitigate risk and deliver “predictable” returns that parallel popular historical indexes.

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Financial Planning

Your investment strategy can’t be designed in a vacuum. That’s why we guide each client through a comprehensive financial analysis and offer a detailed financial plan.

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What is a Paymaster

The banks and other financial organizations have been taking care of these exchanges prior; however, have abstained from doing as such for different reasons like the absence of client history.

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Service is only the start.

An independent corporate structure. A fundamentally sound investment strategy. A team of experienced and caring professionals. It all adds up to a perfect environment for success.

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Fixed Income

A good fixed income strategy preserves principal and outpaces inflation. But a conservative fixed income plan doesn’t have to be uninspired. Our approach finds answers that other firms can’t or won’t.

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Phase 3: Asset Allocation

By understanding your unique situation, we can structure a portfolio that balances your long-term goals with your day-to-day needs. It’s a common sense approach to investing.

Phase 4: Estate Planning

It’s one thing to be confident in a financial plan and an asset allocation strategy. At Bridge Investment Bank, real confidence comes in knowing that every detail—and the implications on your estate—have been carefully considered.

Your story is never over.

As a client develops a relationship with Bridge Investment Bank, he or she experiences the real value in our approach to investment management. From our very first conversation, we inform the investment strategy through a comprehensive process that begins with financial planning and asset allocation doesn’t end there. We keep asking questions—and we keep looking ahead. By considering your estate and anticipating future possibilities, we can better inform the present. The result is more than a portfolio. It’s a dynamic strategy that evolves as you and your circumstances do.

Bridge Investment Bank will:

Family Wealth Services

For multi-generational families and individuals with complex financial and business situations, our investment and fiduciary team performs as a primary point of contact and facilitator, and collaborates with your advisors on all aspects of your financial picture.

We perform like a family office—and deliver as a team.

For individuals or multi-generational families of significant wealth, our service extends beyond our investment and fiduciary expertise into every facet of financial life. Your situation is complex, and your story—completely unique. So with a careful and thoughtful approach, we provide an overlay of services and capabilities and consult with your existing advisors to ensure a well-coordinated, personalized plan.

Bridge Investment Bank will: