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Bridge Investment Bank white label digital payments platform is a complete turn-key software solution for anyone looking to open a digital currency exchange. Boasting all standard functionality for crypto currency and fiat currency trading, as well as several unique features, Bridge Investment Bank platform adopts a simple, intuitive user interface.

Standard Platform Features

Bridge Investment Bank platform is a complete solution with all standard exchange functionalities, and a range of advanced options.
The main specifications are listed below:



Investment Management

Everything we do is designed to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio. It requires a level of dedication—and even a philosophy—you simply won’t find in a conventional money management firm.

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Confidence is never risky

In the world of institutionalized money management, much attention has been paid to the idea of managing risk. Investors have been conditioned to believe that mutual funds and other products can mitigate risk and deliver “predictable” returns that parallel popular historical indexes.

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Financial Planning

Your investment strategy can’t be designed in a vacuum. That’s why we guide each client through a comprehensive financial analysis and offer a detailed financial plan.

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What is a Paymaster

The banks and other financial organizations have been taking care of these exchanges prior; however, have abstained from doing as such for different reasons like the absence of client history.

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Service is only the start.

An independent corporate structure. A fundamentally sound investment strategy. A team of experienced and caring professionals. It all adds up to a perfect environment for success.

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Fixed Income

A good fixed income strategy preserves principal and outpaces inflation. But a conservative fixed income plan doesn’t have to be uninspired. Our approach finds answers that other firms can’t or won’t.

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Standard White Label Features

Bridge Investment Bank white label platform offers an array of benefits at unbeatable prices.
The main features are listed below:

Special Features

BRIDGE INVESTMENT BANK boasts a number of unique features as well as extra features that are not always offered as a part of a white label package. These include:

Special Features

BRIDGE INVESTMENT BANK adheres to the highest level of technical security in the digital currency space, as well as offering corporate security measures afforded by registration.

Who Can Benefit From A White Label Exchange?

Digital currencies are all about lowering fees and simplifying financial transactions. We strongly believe in providing local communities with white label exchanges so that digital currencies can be easily obtained by everyone. Whether you are launching a community Trust Coin or building a Bit Coin empire, if you would like to have your own digital currency platform in a matter of hours, we can provide you with a turnkey solution at unbeatable prices.

Launching your own payments platform can be costly in terms of time and money, incurring expenses such as technical development, hosting, security, bank account opening and operation, legal fees, regulatory expenses, financial accounts, technical troubleshooting and maintenance, and more. By opting for a white label exchange, you can enjoy all of these services for a one-off set-up fee and nominal monthly hosting fee, saving you time, money and effort.