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About Us

About Us

Bridge Investment Bancorp was incorporated & licensed under the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania on October 31, 2017 and opened its doors for business in January 2018 worldwide. Bridge Investment Bancorp is an independent investment bank headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Specializing in assisting entrepreneurs and businesses across the world with equity investments, management consulting, financial advisory services and delivering exceptional personal service. BRIDGE maintains a strong focus on Deposit Private Placement Programs, Large scale business and Investment Banking. With state of the art banking technology, uncomplicated bank products and great personal service, BRIDGE will make banking enjoyable again for its customers.

BRIDGE is committed to creating a better quality of life for the residents of all over the world by opening an access to alternative funds to businesses that support affordable housing and create new jobs. Our experienced business banking team will provide you with quick turnaround times on funding decisions, and a full array of products and electronic services to help you focus on what you do best – grow your business.

We know the challenges businesses face today. Our consultants have been in your shoes. They’re past owners and operators of businesses in all regions of the world and every industry you can imagine.

Our Vision is to become a globally respected company acclaimed for its’ expertise in Project Funding and Mission is to become one of the worlds’ best finance companies.

Our entire team here at BRIDGE looks forward to having the opportunity to meet you soon and help you with all your banking needs.



Investment Management

Everything we do is designed to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio. It requires a level of dedication—and even a philosophy—you simply won’t find in a conventional money management firm.

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Confidence is never risky

In the world of institutionalized money management, much attention has been paid to the idea of managing risk. Investors have been conditioned to believe that mutual funds and other products can mitigate risk and deliver “predictable” returns that parallel popular historical indexes.

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Financial Planning

Your investment strategy can’t be designed in a vacuum. That’s why we guide each client through a comprehensive financial analysis and offer a detailed financial plan.

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What is a Paymaster

The banks and other financial organizations have been taking care of these exchanges prior; however, have abstained from doing as such for different reasons like the absence of client history.

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Service is only the start.

An independent corporate structure. A fundamentally sound investment strategy. A team of experienced and caring professionals. It all adds up to a perfect environment for success.

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Fixed Income

A good fixed income strategy preserves principal and outpaces inflation. But a conservative fixed income plan doesn’t have to be uninspired. Our approach finds answers that other firms can’t or won’t.

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